Root Camp 2014

July 11th to the 13th

A Gathering of Artists, Crafters, Teachers and Organizations around Community, Connectedness, Self-Reliance, Education, Skills, Abundance, Culture and Conscious Music at the Root Center headquarters atop a sacred mountain in Lincoln, Vermont.

First rate line up of musical performers featuring...



Andy Lugo

Total Demo

Mickey Western and the Rodeo Clowns

Bella's Bartok

Brass Ballagan


Forest Gray

Connect the Drops

Bless the Child - VT

Kroma Kode

Chances R Good

One Drum

Satta Sound

Gang of Thieves


LIVE ART w/ Nick Heilig * Heilig Art

Big Heavy World
Green Guerilla
Wholey Cacao
Mocean Mate

Weekend Pass: $75 (includes camping), Early Bird $50 (ends June 17th)
Friday Night: $15 (Folk/Rock/Punk/Funk)
SattaDay Night: $20 (Reggae/Conscious Hip Hop)

To Order your tickets, click the link below, donate using the prices above,

and you will soon receive a confirmation email with your ticket number.



PINNACLE - Restore Rastafari Land



Musicians, Performers, You...ONE


Sustainable Agriculture + Homesteading w/ Mountain Warrior Farm
Herbal Medicine w/ Pure Love Herbal Remedy
Mushroom Foraging w/ Robin's Chaga
Hooping with Nicole
Yoga w/ Healin' Irie LLC
Nutrition/Raw Food w/ Kyle Burroughs from Wholey Cacao
Energetic Testing w/ Samuel Fritzsche of One Matrix Research
Dome Technology/Aquaponics w/ Robin Schulte
Demonstration by Compost Power w/ Gaelan Brown
Traditional Skills w/ John Hunt


Pure Love Herbal Remedy
Wholey Cacao
Green Guerilla
Mocean Mate
Wings of Sin
Maple Mehndi
Fairy Ring Hoops

Camping * Ital Cafe * Community Kitchen * Spring Water * Healing Dome * Tipi * Drum Circle * Bonfire * Fire Spinners * Gardening * Yoga * Live Art

Bring Your Own Food Wine + Spirits
Cans over glass!


The Root Center is a volunteer-run 501c3 non profit based in Lincoln, VT with Roots extending from Burlington, VT. Hundreds of us have contributed to growing and donating over 8,000 lbs of fresh vegetables and medicinal herbs to those in greatest need in the State of Vermont since 2010.

We intend to build a free energy farm with the use of Allard Engineering greenhouse domes and vertical axis wind turbines designed by our engineer and board member David Allard. It is our intention to share this template for food production (using aquaponics inside disaster-proof, passive solar Allard domes) across the world! We already have partnerships in St. Thomas, India, Chile and are working with Indigo Bridge and the Idle No More movement to get these food generating domes on Native American reservations with the use of grants and private donations.

The Root Center is focused on the essentials of life - food, water, shelter, energy, community and ensuring them through a world-wide network of abundance to give Every human being the time and dignity to lead fulfilling lives and elevate the quality of life for all!

To learn more and get involved, please visit us on Facebook or at Volunteer@therootcenter.